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Pretty sweet

Love the dream scene, great animation, voices fantastic, music choice totally rad, punchlines were pretty awesome, superior high five from me.

Bobert-Rob responds:

That's what I'm talking about!

i like it

because i'm tired of madness

Cute and quick

Appeals to me because I work in the tea business. I know how it is!

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Really good concept with a bad execution! The combining idea is cool, but what the heck make a better game!


What can you say, it's one of those unexplained art games. Only this one is not creative and not very deep, either. Here's the premise: You're a blue dot wandering around trying to find the button that opens the door to the next area. This game should probably be titled "Navigate This Mess" because that's what you do. Eventually you learn you can jump high and eat clouds and stuff. There's all these showing variables and pretentious lines like "Who am I?" Finally you learn that the enemies are not enemies they're actually bugs in the program (I may have used my imagination to make the game more fun) so you eat all the bugs and leave the bad game. I thought maaaaaaaaybe I wasn't going to be looking at giant pixels the whole time and stuff like this has been done before (ever hear of ZZT? google it). I do feel like I wasted a little time, both on the game and this really long review.

JonasKyratzes responds:

Honestly - it's not that I can't deal with negative reviews, but why is "What am I?" a pretentious line? The game's plot/concept is pretty straightforward, and the question is there because that's what the game is about. It's your right to hate the game, there's certainly enough games in the world that annoy me, but I honestly can't see lines like that as pretentious when they are intimately tied to the story the game is presenting. Assuming that because something is an "art game" (a term I've never liked, because I believe that all games are art) instantly means that it's "pretentious" and that its writing consists of nothing but obscure pseudo-philosophical stuff meant to impress is... well, it's assuming a bit much.

I understand that it's easy to get pissed off. It's certainly true that in many artforms there are people who will throw together some nonsense and pretend it's earth-shakingly deep philosophy. But not everything that is minimalistic or that attempts to have meaning must therefore subscribe to such a silly idea of art, and not everything that appears cryptic at first is hollow pretentiousness.

Alphaland tells a very simple story. I honestly believe that it's anyone's right to hate its graphical style, its gameplay and its storytelling. But the kind of thinking that simply classifies something according to a perceived genre (indie game, art game, whatever) and then dismisses it on that basis is more destructive than helpful.

So tough!

This game was a lot of fun, good difficulty and real nerve wracking. I like the characters, too, sometimes I'd want to die just to take a peek at those. The bear thing was crazy scary. I couldn't make it past mom mode, got killed by cars most of the time. Overall pretty cool crossbreed but it isn't Christmasy enough, looks to me like a Halloween project with Christmas stuff added on. Items came pretty sparingly it seemed but the boomerang was by far the best thing ever. 9.0 because it's great!

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks dude, it's true it has more of a halloween feel haha

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No more bass

Just rockin' my subs. Sounds great in headphones. Indeed an intense track but I thought the synth hits were a little much sometimes. Great!

KroweMusic responds:

Glad you're happy with the way it it :)


I dunno man. What's up with the vocals. I can hear that pitch stretch, sounds impossible to do. I've heard better from you guys I think. If you're using an autotuner, turn off the simulated vibrato. Make it work a little faster so that it doesn't bend up to pitch.

Hell yeah!

This sounds just perfect, super good job, it deserves its spot! Reminds me of the old stuff... the old acid tech they played at the clubs years ago, before everyone went all dubstep :D High five!

Bahdshah responds:

awww thanks for the review man!! HIGH FIVE! :D

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Looks good enough to touch! Supreme work here, nice choice of color and the emotion it radiates is really nifty. High five!

automagicashie responds:

Thanks! High five right back at ya!


Your sculpting is super-amazing. Honestly, though, I'd buy a bigger one. Great work!

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